5 Expert Hot-Weather Hair Care Tips


By Dawson Fearnow

May is a beautiful time of year here in the Valley, but it also kicks off another four months or so of sunbaked, sizzling triple-digit weather. As you prepare yourself for the long hot summer ahead – firing up your air conditioner and digging out your car’s sunshade –here’s another thing to think about: is you hair hot weather ready? We all know to slather on the sunscreen to protect our skin from the intense heat and sun, but what about protecting our luscious locks? Here are some tips from Mane Attraction Salon owner Kendall Ong to keep your hair protected, and looking great, during the hot summer months.

Shampoo Less

Between the hotter weather, pool season kicking into high gear, and all the strong sun, summer in the Valley can really dry hair out. It’s important to protect summer haiRickCarter_31665-001r just like you’d protect your skin, and make sure you’re not stripping out needed oils and moisture by over-shampooing. One of the best things you can do is to simply stretch out your shampooing schedule. That said, if you are someone who just can’t stop shampooing regularly, you’ll need to switch to summer-ready hair products.

Shampoo Smarter

If you feel you need to shampoo every day, try a sulfate-free shampoo that combines a mild surfactant or cleanser with a blend of lightweight oils. Bumble and bumble’s Hairdresser’s Invisible Oil Cleansing Oil Crème Duo provides an instant transformation for anyone who suffers from dry scalp or hair, or is a frequent shampooer, because the oils work on the cuticle layer to seal in moisture and lipids to create a noticeable different feel. It’s a summertime must for heavy shampooers.

RickCarter_31671-001Waterless Wonder

Another great option to keep your hair from over-drying is to alternate between traditional shampoo and dry shampoo. That way you can get that clean, manageable feel without having
to shampoo daily. Even better, try a combination dry shampoo and styling product like Bumble and bumble’s DrySpun, which adds texture and thickness without weighing hair down.

Go DeepRickCarter_31677 a-001

No matter what shampoo routine you settle on, it’s critical to quench your summer hair
with deep conditioning. If you normally use a
protein-based conditioner, think about
switching to a deep moisturizing conditioner, or even a preshampoo masque to help lock in moisture before you start cleaning and styling your hair.

Drop the Dryer

Speaking of styling, another summer survival tip is to back off on the heat tools, including flat irons, curling irons and even hair dryers. Try putting product directly into wet hair, use your fingers to push and style the hair, or even bobby pin it in place, and then let it air dry. To add curls, simply wrap random sections around your finger, then bobby pin in place, air dry, and shake and tousle with your fingers to create the final look. Just don’t forget to use product first though, it won’t work as well with just water.


Dawson Fearnow is a marketing copywriter and an award-winning freelance reporter based in Phoenix. A longtime architecture aficionado, travel junkie and food fanatic, when he’s not crisscrossing the state in search of his next favorite dish, Dawson is daydreaming about scuba diving in far-away places. Read Dawson’s latest at fearnowink.com.

Pictured: Mane Attraction Salon owner Kendall Ong. Photo by Rick Carter.

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